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I have a not-so-secret desire to be Italian. My DNA ensures that I don't fool anyone. In Italy, they'll call out to me "Ehi-Mozerella!". Luckily, this happens less often in Toronto. 

Like any good wanna-be-Italian, however, I love to communicate - and, it would seem, I do this best with my hands. I love to write, illustrate and "make" stuff. I'm excited by the endless possibilities of applying what I love to do!


My dream job would be to work on the set of the Muppets in the late 1970's. I've been building wool puppets, cardboard sets, carving wood and linoleum, knitting with toothpicks, screen printing, designing moving paper sculpture kits... I feel most at peace wielding an x-acto knife. Not sure what this says about me ;) 

Books and prints are currently the output of my efforts... with more projects incubating!


Publishers - I'm always game to do more books! Librarians and Teachers - book me to read and present workshops. 

Join my mailing list to learn about studio sales and happenings. The internet is super cool - but meeting in person is my favourite way to be in the world. 


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