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I love to write, illustrate and "make" things - all in the hopes that what emerges from within, will engage others and inspire them to explore their own creative expression. 


I've been cutting and carving and painting and gluing a lot of cardboard for my newest book - which launched in August 2021: 

The House Next Door published by Groundwood Books  - is now available... wherever you buy books ;)

I'm also building wool puppets,  screen printing, designing moving paper sculpture .... and crafting new stories to illustrate. 

Books, prints, creatures, cards and kits are my current focus. 


Hire me to teach creative workshops, book me for presentations and readings, and reach out if you'd like to collaborate on a project! 

See the contact page to email me. Join my mailing list if you'd like to hear about exhibitions, studio sales and other happenings.


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