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The House Next Door 

Groundwood Books/House of Anansi, 2021

Alone on his lot, a sturdy little house has stood for as long as anyone can remember, stoically weathering the storms. But one day, the wind brings change.

One house, then another, is built off in the distance. Then a road is paved through his field, and more and more houses appear all around. The house closes his shutters to wait out this alarming development.

But in the dark, the house notices he is no longer pushed by the snowdrifts or battered by spring storms. And when he peeks open a shutter, he sees the house next door glowing with a golden light. Just like his. Throwing open his shutters, he finds himself surrounded by a diverse neighborhood of homes. Together, they await what the wind will blow in next.

Recognized as a 2021 Best Book by Canadian Children's Book Centre/Red Star for Exceptional Calibre.

Priscilla Pack Rat, Magination Press

American Psychological Association 2017

Priscilla liked collecting things.  Not any one type of thing in particular. She collected little things, big things, ordinary things, just things in general. Priscilla was a pack rat. She tries to pick out birthday presents for her friends, but has trouble parting with her favourite finds. What will it take for Priscilla to see what's truly valuable? 

Woolfred Cannot Eat Dandelions

Magination Press/American Psychological Association, 2014

Woolfred is a sheep who is unable to eat dandelions because they make him ill. He must learn to live amongst a flock that do not share his problem and do not appear to understand how he feels. Has focusing on what’s missing distracted him from the best parts of being a sheep? 

Awarded the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal


The Little Green Envelope, written by Gillian Sze (and illustrated by me)... Can't wait to share more about the adorable story Gillian has written about a little girl named Olive who writes a letter... more to come! 

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